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  • Where We Are Located
  • Farming Activities
  • Commercial Activities
  • What We Offer in 2002
  • Supervision and Certification

  • Where We Are Located:

    You will find our ecological farm in the village Křišťaňovice, near the city of Bruntál, in North Moravia, in the Czech Republic.

    Mailing Address:
    Agropodnik Dvorce, a.s.
    Olomoucká 373
    CZ-793 68 DVORCE
    Czech Republic

    phone:   +420 - 646 - 74 55 11
    (as of September 22, 2002:
    +420 - 5547 45511)

    fax:   +420 - 646 - 74 55 06
    (as of September 22, 2002:
    +420 - 5547 45506)


    Our ecological farm is located in the Jeseniky mountains, near the Slezská Harta reservoir.

    PRO-BIO Jeseniky

    map CZ
    Farming Activities:

    Our ecological farm in Křišťanovice has mainly meadows and pastures. What arable land we have we use to grow organic grain to feed our farm animals. We keep primarily sheep for meat production and also cows.

    The main product of the farm is high-quality organic lamb. Our lambs only feed on maternal milk and, when out to pasture, on fresh grass. In winter they get first class hay. Therefore, their meat is both healthy and delicious. Moreover, lamb is easily digestible and has high nutrition value.


    Commercial Activities:

    The farm is a member of Czech Association of Ecological Farmers PRO-BIO in Šumperk and, in addition to our own production, we also trade in organic lamb raised by other PRO-BIO members. The number of ecological sheep in the Czech Republic keeps on increasing and every year we will be able to offer a larger volume of organic lamb to our customers in the Czech Republic and abroad.


    Through the PRO-BIO Association, the farm is also a regular member of the whole-world organization of ecological farming IFOAM.

    What We Offer in 2002:

    In 2002, we can export ca 500 - 800 ecologically kept lambs from our farm and from farms of other PRO-BIO members in the Jeseniky region.

    The lambs will be ready for delivery in the period from the beginning of April till the end of November of this year (and, similarly, in the following years).

    Weight categories of lambs offered in 2002:
         18 to 28 kg   (ca 100 head)
         30 to 45 kg   (ca 700 head)
    we also offer grown sheep raised for meat - ca 300 head a year

    In the following years we will be offering lambs
    in the categories of the SEUROP system:

    group H (lambs) - weight up to 13 kg
    group J  (lambs in the age up to 12 months)
    group O (other sheep)


  • Suffolk
  • crossbreed Suffolk x Merinolandschaf
  • crossbreed Suffolk x Texel
  • Merinolandschaf
  • Cighaja
  • Romney Marsh
  • lambs

    The rate of fat and meat varies in different races in the following classes: E, U, R (meat) and 2 and 3 (fat).

    In particular, we offer live animals and we can arrange for delivery to the destination with professional transporters, in accordance with rules on animal protection.

    We will be able to supply organic lamb meat only after a slaughterhouse has been arranged for that would comply with the EU standards.

    Supervision and Certification:

    Both our farm and the farms of our suppliers are supervised to comply with the Czech Law on Ecological Farming (corresponding with European law) by K.E.Z., a Czech organization of ecological farming supervisors; the certification is performed by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture. We are entitled to use the Czech national trademark BIO as well as the PRO-BIO trademark.


    Czech organic products - plants and animals - can be exported to EU countries without further supervision by an EU inspection organization. Supervision by K.E.Z. and the national certification are recognized by EU. The Czech Republic is in the list of recognized importers to EU in accordance with EU Regulation EEC no. 2092/91 and no. 1804/1999. You will find further information on the recognition of Czech organic products in the English version of K.E.Z. web pages or in the Journal of European Communities (Acrobat Reader document, 95 Kb).

    We are looking forward to hearing from you

    Agropodnik Dvorce

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